artist: Puffy AmiYumi

album title: An Illustrated History

label: Bar None Records (BRN-CD-128 released 10.02 - USA)

lyrics on "Asia no Junshin" (English version)

artist: Step To Heaven

album title: Wish You Were Here

label: Columbia (COCP-31813 released 2.21.02 - Japan)

lyrics on title track "Wish You Were Here"

artist: Puffy

album title: The Monsters Project 2002

label: Sony Records (SRCL-5115 released 10.24.01 - Korea and Japan)

lyrics on "Asia no Junshin" (English version)

artist: Yoshitaka Minami

album title: Nude Voice

label: Victor Entertainment (VICJ-60740 released 2.21.01 - Japan)

tie-in: JT campaign "image song"

lyrics on "SkyBlue"

artist: The Yellow Monkey

title: Sugar Fix (maxi-single)

label: Japan - Fun House Records (FHCF-2428 released 8.21.98)

UK - BMG Records (74321 -605372 released 8.12.98)

lyrics on "Sugar Fix" and "Bulb"

SUGAR FIX-the yellow monkey

OTO-zabadak artist: Zabadak

album title: Oto

label: Pioneer LDC (BICL-5009 released 1.27.99, originally released on Biosphere Records 10.94 - Japan)

vocals and lyrics on "Fatal Flaw" and "14 no Oto"

artist: Tomohiko Kira (Zabadak)

album title: Kenji's Illusion

label: NTT Shuppan (PSCN-5032 released 9.21.95 - Japan)

vocals and lyrics on "Prologue" and "Epilogue"

artist: various, produced by Tomohiko Kira

album title: Songs

label: Biosphere Records (ZA-0008 released 6.5.95 - Japan)

vocals, music and lyrics on "Cry In The Distance"

artist: Zabadak

album title: Hikari Furu Asa

label: Polystar Records (PSCR-5536 released 10.14.96 - Japan)

vocals and lyrics on "Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru"

artist: Mimori Yusa

single title: Harmonica Beach

label: Toshiba-Emi (ESDB-3740 released 1.22.97 - Japan)

lyrics on "Clover"

CLOVER-Yusa Mimori

Playstation RPG game and soundtrack

title: Arc The Lad II

label: OST - Antinos/Sony (ARCJ57 released 12.12.96 - Japan)

game - Sony (SCPS-10026)

vocals and lyrics on "Musicman"

Arc The Lad II

Legend of Heroes
Anime game and soundtrack

title: Legend of Heroes IV (Akai Shizuku)

label: King Records (KICA-1192 released 1.1.97 - Japan)

vocals and lyrics on "One Bead of Scarlet"

Playstation game

title: Einhander

label: Sony/SquareSoft (SLPS-01008 1997 - International)

voice of "Mission Control"

Anime game soundtrack

title: Tobe Pegasus! (Fly, Pegasus!)

label: MIDI Records (MDLC-1292 1995 - Japan)

lyrics on "The Simple Things"

artist: Chage and Aska

album title: Yin & Yang

label: Pony Canyon (PCCA-00625 released 8.25.94 - Japan)

narration on Yin disc

artist: Jennifer Gross

single title: In Front Of You

label: Canyon International (PCDY-00137 released 7.19.96 - Japan)

tie-in: commercial song for Java Tea

lyrics on "In Front Of You"

artist: Jodi

single title: Gonna Be a Supermodel

label: Avex Trax (AVDD-20138 released 7.23.98 - Japan)

tie-in: commercial song for Kewpie Half Mayonnaise

lyrics on "Gonna Be A Supermodel"

artist: Maribeth

album title: Sweet Music

label: Sony (SRLC-3002 released 10.21.94 - Japan)

tie-in: commercial song for Kewpie Half Mayonnaise

lyrics on "Half As Much"

artist: Maribeth

album title: Love Duet

label: Sony Music Indonesia (IJK-1060 released 1995 - Indonesia)

tie-in: commercial song for Sony DVD player

lyrics on title track "Love Duet"

artist: Little Creatures

album title: No Vote, No Voice

label: MIDI Records (MDCL-1204 released 11.21.92 - Japan)

lyrics on "The Key Was In My Pocket", "Rummy's Silly Talk", "On A Cloudy Day", "Just Where I Stand"

artist: Harumi Kaneko (Jazz)

album title: Try To Remember

label: Polygram/Philips (PHCE-34 released 9.26.92 - Japan)

lyrics on "Stars Up In The Sky" (features Fred Hersch, Toots Thielemans)

artist: Melodie Sexton

album title: Voice In The Snow

label: Nippon Columbia (COCA-12060 released 10.31.94 - Japan)

lyrics on "Love Light"

artist: Shara

album title: Present

label: MIDI (MDC8-1177 released 1992 - Japan)

lyrics on "Present" and "On The Beach"

artist: various, produced by J-Wave

album title: Snow Navigation

label: Polystar (PSCR-5347 released 11.26.94 - Japan)

vocals on "Amazing Grace"

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