1 - Spit It Out 3:58
2 - River High 3:42
3 - Candy Bar 2:50
4 - Stay 3:54
5 - See It My Way 3:01
6 - Choose 3:53
7 - Better Safe Than Sorry 3:44
8 - Heaven's Waiting 4:18
9 - 1999 3:49
10 - Golden Thread 4:31
11 - Settle For Love 5:56

Produced and arranged by Michael Aharon
Recorded, mixed, and co-produced by John Anthony
Recorded and mixed at MAJA Audio Group, Philadelphia
Assisted by Jenae Freed, additional recording by John Baker
Mastered by John Baker


Michael Aharon: guitars, keyboards and programming, piano, accordion,
bass (Spit It Out, River High, Stay, See It My Way), mandolin, bouzouki,
dobro, cello, backing vocals (Spit It Out, Better Safe Than Sorry)

Steve Holloway: drums, congas (Stay)

Chico Huff: bass

John Anthony: percussion, drums (See It My Way)

Daryl Burgee: congas (See It My Way)

Bob Meashey: flugelhorn (Settle For Love)

Helen Bruner and Terry Jones: backing vocals (Candy Bar, See It My Way)

Jenae Freed: backing vocals (Spit It Out)

Irene Lambrou: backing vocals (River High)

Cara Jones: vocals, additional piano (1999)


Spit It Out ©1999, Cara Jones, Michael Aharon, Masanori Narikawa
Yogini Music (ASCAP)/MAJA Music (BMI)

River High ©1997, Cara Jones, Masanori Narikawa, Shigeru Watanabe, Norihiko Abe
Yogini Music (ASCAP)

Candy Bar ©1999, Cara Jones and Michael Aharon
Yogini Music (ASCAP)/MAJA Music (BMI)

Stay ©1997, Cara Jones and Masanori Narikawa
Yogini Music (ASCAP)

See It My Way ©1998, Michael Aharon and John Anthony
MAJA Music (BMI)

Choose ©1999, Cara Jones
Yogini Music (ASCAP)

Better Safe Than Sorry ©1999, Steve Holloway and Cara Jones
Yogini Music (ASCAP)

Heaven's Waiting ©1998, Cara Jones
Yogini Music (ASCAP)

1999 ©1999, Cara Jones
Yogini Music (ASCAP)

Golden Thread ©1994, Cara Jones and Nobuhiro Makino
Yogini Music (ASCAP)

Settle For Love ©1999, Cara Jones
Yogini Music (ASCAP)

All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by permission.

CD Photography by Mark Robert Halper
CD design by Brian Porizek


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